Buy A PC Online: Guidelines

Buy A PC Online: Guidelines

Guidlines for Purchasing Computer (desktop Pc / Laptop)

A computer has become an essential gadget in every household and is no more a luxury. Without computers, you will find it hard to stay connected and to even do the work required of you in college or in the office. With so much computer packages being shoved to us every time we go to department stores and computer shops, you’ll really get quite confused on what you really need and what computer package will fit your budget and lifestyle. To help you through this problem, here are a few useful guidelines that will help you make the right decision before buying a computer.




RAM (Random Access memory) is perhaps the most important factor to consider when buying your computer.


RAM will greatly determine the speed of your computer. How fast it will process your multiple tasks. You must make sure you have enough for your needs. 1GB memory is the standard but try to afford 2GB of memory space that is preferable.


Also it may be wise to buy a computer with upgradeable memory – since new applications, multi windowed browsers; streaming video… of the very near future may place high demand on your computer’s RAM.




Processor is the heart of your computer. Intel Dual core is the front runner in this area right now. However, American Micro Devices (AMD) is giving Intel some stiff competition in the dual core battle with its Athlon™ 64 X2 dual core processor. In shopping for a processor, one should consider the following:


Clock speed – This will show the number of instructions that a computer can execute in a second. This usually comes after the brand name.


Cache memory – This stores the data that were previously accessed. This simplifies the work of the computer as it would not take twice as long to access information already stored in memory. Cache memory eases the work of RAM.


Operating temperature – Some processors easily heats up. Before buying, make sure that you have asked about the operating temperature just in case you need to buy additional fans or put the computer in an A/C room.





The amount of space or size of laptop hard drives are steadily increasing, an 80 GB is now common. This is the part where you store all the information in your computer. It is the permanent memory of your computer. Here you can install all your programs and save all the documents that you need. It is also important that you buy a hard drive with really big capacity (preferably 160 GB or more) especially now when people are so used to storing multimedia files that may use up a lot of hard drive space. Many computer experts choose the SATA hard disk drive with a high 5400 or 7200 RPM.




This is where all the parts of the computer’s CPU are attached. Some motherboards already have video cards and soundcards embedded on it while others don’t. What is important however is to choose a motherboard that is compatible with your RAM and processor.




This is the part of the computer which determines the quality of the multimedia images that you will view. The higher the memory of the video card, the better is the picture quality and the colors. This is especially needed if you watch a movie or play video games.



another apple computer


The primary component is the monitor of the computer so when purchasing the computer, one should try and invest a little more on the monitor. In the case of Desktop Computer there is always a choice between CRT(Cathode Ray Tube) and LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) monitors but nowadays manufacturers are providing LCD monitors and that has become a standard since the size is less, thus occupies lesser space and it also consumes lesser power but is definitely more expensive than CRT.


In the case of Laptop there is no choice between CRT and LCD as you know well. But here one thing is to be considered is size of the screen because, if you want wider screen then it will increase the weight of the Laptop.




You must clarify the warranties provided by the companies before purchasing. It will assure post purchase services from the company.



Buying computer online is favorable. Here are some reasons to this answer.

  1. Convenience


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Buy A PC Online: Guidelines hopes that this information helps you make a more informed purchase choice.