AOL and Yahoo to merge as new internet force with Verizon deal

New York (dpa) – Internet pioneer Yahoo will merge with AOL, another early online innovator, to create a technology giant that can compete with established industry powers, telecommunications firm Verizon said as it announced Yahoo’s purchase Monday. The 4.8-billion-dollar purchase of Yahoo, one of the oldest existing internet brands, had long been expected. The company has…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner Setup Leaked

With numerous reports already suggesting that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 7 is likely to feature a new biometric security measure called the “iris scanner,” the feature is almost confirmed to be incorporated into the handset. While tech enthusiasts are wondering about the new feature and its offerings, more images of the Galaxy Note 7’s iris scanner…

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Modular Smartwatch Is Swiss Army Knife For Your Wrist

Modularity has often been touted as the future of electronics, with companies ranging from Google to Dutch startup Fairphone betting heavily on devices with replaceable components. It offers a solution to the ever-growing mountains of electrical waste and future-proof gadgets against the relentless progress of technology. Another benefit of modularity that is often overlooked due to…

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