Nokia To Announce 3 Or 4 Android Devices

Nokia executive Mike Wang has confirmed that that the company is indeed planning to reveal three or four new Nokia-branded devices running Google’s Android mobile operating system, according to Android Authority. The three or four new device will actually be composed of both smartphones and tablets. Although Nokia will make its official announcements before the end…

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World Wide Werner

Do not look at the photos of the Nikki Catsouras car crash that remain on the internet, lingering there maliciously despite the efforts of her parents to scrub them through ReputationDefender and, more simply, pleas to human decency. Look at pictures of Rollerblading dachshunds, click through a BuzzFeed quiz about Full House, read an article about…

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Honor 8 Vs. Galaxy Note 7 Vs. iPhone 7 Specs Comparison

Huawei showcased its Honor 8 smartphone for the U.S. market Tuesday evening in San Francisco. The smartphone brings many flagship specs coupled with a more budget-friendly price, which Huawei hopes will attract millennials and those looking to veer away from spending nearly $1,000 on a smartphone. The Honor 8 will release in the U.S. around the…

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