Savings of up to 400US on i7 Surface Pros

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We’ve been lucky enough to source out some of the better savings for US residents here with these deals.

Offering as much as 400US off the price of a i7 Surface Pro, you cannot find a better deal.

What is great about the Surface Pros’ you may ask, here are some features that we think sell themselves:

  • Touch screen – the Surface Pros’ touchscreen allows users more flexibility with the way in which they use their device, whether its traveling on public transport, or using it in an executive office or board meeting for presentations.
  • Ports you’d expect to see on a full-feature laptop – well doesn’t this speak for itself? The Surface Pro will give you the full range of ports that a laptop has, even though the device is significantly smaller.
  • Windows10 operating system – the latest Windows operating system already pre-installed and ready to go! yah!
  • Loads of storage – depending on the model you receive the storage on a Surface Pro is beyond all expectations.
  • Bonus KickStand – this is a flip feature will make presenting so easy, and will continue to give you the flexibility to work anywhere

These are our favorite features of the Surface Pro – what are yours?
eGlobal Central Latest Deals and Promotions