On My Wish List

I’ve wanted a Surface Pro for that long…I think since the time they first evolved into the marketplace in 2012.

This hybrid laptop is a gem among others, starting with a minimum 4GB of RAM.

I think I love the fact that this small device can last over twelve hours without being charged, to be perfectly honest!

I tend to travel a fair bit for work, and having the Surface Pro on hand would certainly save me some long nights getting back to either the office or home finalizing all my notes for the day.

There’s a new version out at present that has a massive 1TB SSD and 16GB RAM…this Surface Pro is sure to create that study, work, and play feature that everyone will enjoy and utilize.Microsoft

Microsoft themselves are selling this latest Surface Pro, and I’ve dropped many hints to the boss, letting them know that this device is completely tax deductible if they get in before the 30th of June.

Funnily enough, that savvy business woman turned to me and said, “you know, its tax deductible even after the 30th of June right”….I think she was trying to be funny…

I will keep trying to persuade her for one, as working for her as been the best, and I love the freelancing that I can do from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Do you simply love what you do too?

Here at Buy a PC Online.net we’d love to get some feedback about where you work, and whether having a Surface Pro would make your life a little easier too?