Buy A PC Online: Antivirus Protection

Buy A PC Online: Antivirus Protection

Major difference between Norton and McAfee Antivirus


Ever since the Internet was invented, people with malefic intentions tried to harm others, by creating worms, viruses, spyware, malware, spyware and other dangerous files and placing them inside websites or emails.

An unprotected computer is very vulnerable to cyber attacks, so we suggest installing antivirus software immediately. Below, we’ll compare two of the best products, McAfee and Norton Internet Security.

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While installing antivirus in your system a few things are considered by the buyers. Like what would be the cost and what features it would carry.  If we go by people’s perception they vary…

Like, some find Norton as an apt antivirus because it catches 90 percent virus whereas McAfee antivirus is totally different. This antivirus warns promptly if it finds e-mail address is malicious without blocking your access. You can always rely on Mcafee Online Technical Support

If I talk about McAfee, all I can say, it is readily available and free to download.  Here I would like to mention it comes with a basic database of viruses and other malware that updates itself routinely. And that is not all; it has a scanning tool to find possible threats to your security.  Now we would discuss about these antivirus separately.

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Norton is one of the trusted and reliable antivirus which scans computer against viruses and Malwares. Yes, all those which can spoil your years of hard work. If it is a virus or a worm or anything that can potentially cause damage, antivirus isolates it and then alerts you. Norton Antivirus also shields from being infected when there is an instant messaging program. Malicious programs sometimes enter your computer so, it is important to stay protected when you chat.

When it comes to class performance, protection and usability, McAfee beats the top most antivirus competitors, McAfee reduces computer speed while installing and running programs, copying data, downloading software or visiting websites. McAfee gives you fine control over its scanning behavior. You can select automatic real time scanning of all files or just programs and documents or you can select specific items to exclude.

When your system is hacked or somebody send virus, malware and spyware then your system’s performance suffers. To combat this effect you can always bank upon antivirus.
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There are many types of antivirus available in the market but which one is better for you, needs thinking. Like if I talk about McAfee all I say, this antivirus is superior in many aspects like it has easy to use interface, moreover you can quickly set user profile and manage parental controls to manage family. McAfee struggles to clean the system already under Malware attack. For any query related Norton Antivirus you can go for Norton Online Technical Support Phone Number

      Where McAfee is better than other antivirus

  • Facilitates strong protection against new attacks
  • Protection against phishing and social networking
  • Highest possible score in usability


Norton received great reviews for internet security. It received highest score in system repair and cleaning.

      What Norton has that McAfee doesn’t

  • IM and chat protection
  • Social network protection
  • Rescue mode and safe boot
  • E-mail  support

Buy A PC Online: Antivirus Protection hopes that you’ve enjoyed this article.

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